Instagram’s new ad platform has recently been announced. While there’s been ads on Instagram for a while they have mostly been financially out of reach of the smaller players in the game. An ad recall 2.8x higher than the industry average (Nielsen data) for online advertising makes Instagram a platform to look out for.

With the online advertising realm changing so quickly it is important to keep your finger on the pulse.


Instagram’s new ads allow you to advertise in three methods – still image, video or carousel.

Still images allow you to get your message across in a simple one-page image. If you’ve got a strong single image with a clear message then this may be the best for you. This may be for your café, restaurant or brand as a whole.

Carousel ads are basically a row of still images that the user can swipe through. They give you multiple images and text overlay that meld together into one post. These are particularly good if there’s multiple messages that you’d like to get across or there’s a particular story to tell. Got a few products that you want to show off? Want to brag about your new menu? Carousal may be the route for you.

Lastly, video is a new comer that gives you up to 30 seconds to tell your tale. It’s especially good if you want to explain a new product, service or offering. But what video is mostly good at is engaging and giving time to connect with the user.

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What does that mean? When setting ads for Instagram you can hook into Facebook’s deep understanding of us all. Because of this you will be able to target the people that matter to you and your business. These are the people who have been liking and commenting on your posts but haven’t been able to take it to the next step. Your fans can become your customers and with the right targeting you can find new customers from outside of your follower pool.

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Okay, so you’ve gotten your message out to the right people and in the right format. Now what? Traditionally, Instagram hasn’t done much for us digitally besides for ramping up likes, comments and interest. With the new ads you now have the power to add a call to action button. At this moment in time Instagram ads can drive clicks to website and mobile downloads. For a publisher like The Urban List (and many other businesses), driving clicks through to our website is an imperative part of our business.

When you’re promoting your new stunner menu offerings and there’s high interest on Instagram is the perfect time to start driving the traffic through to your site. This will allow the user to take action quickly and easily without having to exit Instagram and find your website separately. I can only imagine that Instagram is looking closely at implementing a page follow CTA in the near future, too.

There you have it, 3 things you need to know about the new Instagram ads and how they can drive traffic to your site. It’s all about selecting the right format, targeting correctly and using your call to action to direct your audience to the right place.


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