Over the past six months we’ve come to realise Instagram is a highly relevant channel for instantly driving customers to businesses.

If we post a burger on our Instagram page, the next day that business will sell out. We post our favourite leather handbag, five hours later, that store has sold out online.


You can see now why Instagram is built into all of our partnership packages; with our audience size and engagement, it delivers instant results for businesses.

If you thought Instagram was simply a photo-sharing platform, then think again, here’s 6 ways you can use Instagram to drive sales:


If you’re posting a photo of a product on Instagram, be creative with the shot, and make sure it reflects well on the product and your business. Find an interesting angle, focus on lighting and use a filter if necessary. The higher quality the photo, the more likes and comments it will generally receive. Showcase products or items you want people to know about, then measure over the next few days what impact it may have had.
2In many instances, the caption is just as important as the image. Use the caption to create urgency and drive traffic to your business or website.

3Seems like a pretty simple step, but many businesses don’t do it. Make sure you have an email address, a phone number, an address and a website link in your bio. How will you drive sales through Instagram if there’s a possibility your audience don’t even know where your business is or how to contact you?


4If you’re on Instagram, you would have come across that girl who has thousands of followers for no apparent reason. Businesses are regularly contacting these “Instagram influencers” to come in and try their products for free. If they then post about your business, it’s a great way to grow your own audience and generate awareness of your products.

5Remind your audience how accessible you are to them. Use local city and suburb specific hashtags, and make sure you are always adding a location to your posts. This will act as a constant reminder that you’re there, you’re open and ready for them.

6Do you have a daily lunch special? A new product launching? A limited release? Post a photo of your special dish or new product and let your audience know when it’s available, and when it’s likely to sell out. Consumers love new products, and talking about when the special ends will help create urgency to drive traffic instantly.


There you have it, 6 free strategies on how you can use Instagram to drive foot traffic to your business. These tactics have been tested and proven by our marketing managers to drive results for our clients.



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