In 2015 it’s pretty important for small businesses to have a business Facebook page. 97% of The Urban List audience have a Facebook profile (TUL Reader Survey, 2014), which means it’s highly likely about 97% of your customers have one too!
But what’s the point in having this page, creating content to share on it, and growing your audience, if you’re not converting them into paying customers?

In the end, it’s all going to come back to engagement.

The way Facebook’s algorithm works… is that only 10% of your audience will see a post from you, but the more engagement (such as likes and comments) that post gets, the more of your audience it will reach. The more of your audience that gets reached, the more likely they will convert into a customer.

So, here are 9 easy ways for you to increase your Facebook engagement and encourage every small business owner’s dream: bums on seats!

When your audience is scrolling through their Facebook feed, give them a reason to stop and engage. Using questions is the best way to encourage commenting on your posts. The more questions you ask, the more open your audience will be to commenting and tagging friends into future posts.



Think about what sort of content you engage with on Facebook. Is it the post about your local café changing it’s opening hours, or is it that picture of the piglet in gumboots? Posting funny content such as quotes or memes is a great way to increase your pages reach and engagement. The content doesn’t have to be totally random, but can easily fit into the genre of your business.




The more people connect with you on a personal level, the more likely they are to do business with you. Give people a glimpse into your personal life,and show them insights behind the scenes at your business. Your audience are more likely to engage if they know you’re human too, just like them.



Have a couple of posts that went so well they nearly melted your Facebook page? Share them again! Social media moves so fast, if you’re only sharing content when it’s new, most people won’t see it. Don’t worry, you won’t be annoying the audience that already saw it last week or last month.


Are you posting to Facebook when your audience is on Facebook? It seems like a simple thing, but it will make a difference in how many people will see and engage with your posts. Check out the graph in your Facebook insights, trust it, and follow it.



Ever seen a post on The Urban List’s Facebook page without a photo or video attached? Nope! We know our audience respond best to visual content and gorgeous imagery, which is why photos are always included. Stunning images entice your audience to tag their friends or share your post with their own friends and family.


Not only do competitions reward loyal fans, but you can also use them to grow your fan base, or drive traffic into your business. Whether you’re giving away store credit, a bar tab, or a bottle of shampoo, make them like a post or tag a friend and watch your engagement soar!



Unsurprisingly, if you ask your audience to “Like” if they agree with something, they generally will. We would use this one sparingly because it only works when used every now and again. But it does work. Think of them as a little psychological nudge.


You can’t build engagement without one key ingredient: consistency! Create a Facebook strategy that includes a posting calendar. This lets you plan ahead, and closely monitor what performed well and what didn’t. The pages with the best engagement monitor their posts and performance on a daily basis.

So there it is, nine free and easy ways for you to increase the level of engagement on your Facebook page. These strategies are used by our marketing managers on a daily basis, and one of the key reasons we have grown our Facebook audiences by over 200% in the last 12 months.




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