Do you have a rate card?

We don’t have a traditional rate card, because we aren’t a traditional advertising platform! All of our partnerships are tailor-made to suit individual
business’s needs and budgets.

What are the advertising options?

The options are endless! We have a number of sellable assets—including coveted spots on our business directory, editorial articles (written in a way that Google will love!) banners on-site, , eNewsletter inclusions, and exposure to our growing social media following. We will work with you to determine which assets will best suit your needs and help us achieve the goals of the partnership.

You’ve written about my business before. Why should I pay you to feature me?

First of all, congratulations! We only feature the best businesses, here on The Urban List. You would know first-hand how loyal and engaged our readership is. Imagine the benefits of having constant exposure on TUL for a three to six month period, with a campaign and content that has been strategically created to meet your specific needs. Need more convincing? Here are some testimonials from previous and current partners.

What does a standard package cost?

There are no standard packages when it comes to partnering with us—the cost will largely be determined by the ways in which we can leverage The Urban List to benefit your specific business goals.

Every business is different and we believe in working closely with you to ensure we completely understand your objectives before we put a plan in place. We want to ensure you see results from your campaign with us, which is why we recommend a minimum 3-month partnership. Committing to a 3-month campaign gives us the opportunity to strategically plan your content, in line with your business objectives (and budget), and ensures consistent exposure on The Urban List over a sustained period.