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Words. We love ‘em, but they no longer cut it, In the competitive world of social media, capturing people’s attention is ALL about imagery, and the businesses that recognise this are now reaping the rewards.

Creating a suite of strong visual assets is one of the most important investments for any small business – capturing the attention of potential new customers, and keeping the existing ones coming back time and time again for more!

The data unequivocally proves that the need for compelling imagery is far more than a trend:

  • 65% of adults are visual learners who prefer to imagery over text
  • Photos receive 53% more likes on Facebook than the average post, and 84% more link clicks
  • Readership for articles with imagery is 14% higher than those with just text

The Urban List has been built on a foundation of exceptional photography and imagery, so we know how to really engage an audience through great imagery – encouraging people to read our content, head to our site, share our content and, most importantly, pay a visit the businesses we partner with.





We want information fast and we don’t want to work for it.

An image or video shows people what they can have rather than telling them, and whether it’s a striking photo or a short video, it’s faster to absorb and easier to remember. When it comes to showing off your products or services, be it an epic burger or a designer jacket, there’s really no better way to do it.




There’s two important reasons why you should use a professional and experienced photographer. Firstly, people need to know what they are looking at within a split second. The image needs to be sharp and in focus so it’s easy to make sense of to the naked eye and quick evokes emotion. Simply put, we’re a lazy bunch these days. Secondly, the quality of your images are a clear indication of your success. It may sound shallow but it’s true. If you want to be taken seriously, you need some killer photographers that show people you are the best in the business.

Do you need a photographer that knows what’s best for your social media marketing? Speak to us now.


Think about who you want as customers and create content that speaks to them directly. Relevant imagery is just as important as striking imagery to stop people ‘scrolling’ in their tracks.


At The Urban List we are constantly innovating and exploring better ways of marketing small businesses, and investigating greatly-reciprocated styles of imagery is no exception. We recently spoke to Getty images who identified the following image trends as popular amongst consumers right now.  

  •  Up close and personal view points. “Are those my toes in the sand?”
  • ‘Knolling’ or geometric laying out of objects catch the eye
  • Birds-eye-view with saturated subject matters. We don’t just want to see the plate, but the entire table setting.
  • Super-sensory, borderline National Geographic shots that zoom right in on the object. Don’t show us the donut, we want to see the jam and cream oozing out of the top
  • Photographers need to unlearn what they’ve mastered for the last 10 years, because vintage film stock (including sun-glare) is back!


Don’t share an image unless you think your audience would love it enough to put it infront of their family and friends. At the end of the day, likes aren’t enough. You want as many people to see your posts as possible and this requires your audience promoting it to their peers.


It’s all well and good having a cracking image, but what happens when people click on your post? Hopefully there’s an engaging article or site waiting to capture their minds and convert them into loyal customers at other other end. This is your opportunity to showcase what you’re about. Creative copy and a selection of your very best images will seal the ‘brand love’ deal. We can help ensure you have this covered. Contact us now.



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